February Challenge

The challenge for this week is to stop today and say or do something for a stranger. Just some simple act of kindness, You could pay for the person behind you in line at Starbucks, give some food or money to a person in need, or even just thank the store clerk at checkout. Who knows? Maybe you will make their week. Even the tiniest pebble can create a ripple.

Let me know what you did to try and impact someone’s life this month in the comments down below.

January Challenge

Sorry for posting this late but here is the January Challenge:

Let someone know their importance in your life. Tell someone you know how they have impacted your life. Thank them for being there for you. Maybe you will catch them by surprise. Maybe the positive affirmation will make their day. Don’t forget to thank God too. After all he is the one who knew to put whoever is

Suprise challenge!

I challenge you to leave your heart open to something you don’t nessisarly to do. Make a commitment to something. Maybe it is rescuing a dog or joining a book club. Do something that scares you this week. Shake up your world a bit. ❤


Let me know in the comments what you did this week and how it changed your week (or month)

Christmas has left.

Yes! Everyone is gone. No more crying babies or howling toddlers. No rowdy uncles or Aunts, snappy from all constant noise. Finally, just me alone with my leftover pies and turkey.


I think the story above is how everyone who has ever hosted a Christmas dinner for family has felt at one time or another. Horray for the peace of January!